November 19, 2016

Welcome to the site of this volume

The Coeure project is now over. It has been closed with a successful conference in Bruxelles.

The Economics without Borders volume is under production and will come out early February 2017.

This site is for the contributors, authors and editors of the volume: Economic Research for European Policy Challenges. It is maintained and updated by the coordinating editor. And of course, any message and/or information from the contributors, will also be posted.

Comments, notes, remarks, suggestions, proposals, etc. are the most welcome.
Latest News and Updates


Status Report; February 29

Chapter 1 (Innovation...): Version 2.0, February 15
Chapter 2 (Labour...): Version 2.1, January 25
Chapter 3 (Population...): Version 2.1, January 31
Chapter 4 (Human Capital..): Version 2.1, January 27
Chapter 5 (Competition...): Version 2.1, January 27
Chapter 6 (Trade...): Version 2.1, February 3
Chapter 7 (Energy...): Version 2.2, Februar 16
Chapter 8 (Regions...): Version 2.2, February 16
Chapter 9 (Cities...): Version 2.2, February 18
Chapter 10 (Fiscal...): Version 2.1, February 5
Chapter 11 (Financial...): Version 2.1, February 8
Chapter 12 (Inequality...): Version 2.1, February 29
Chapter 13 (Data...): Version 2.2, January 20
Chapter 14 (Methods...) Version 1.3, February 8
[Note: version 1.x means iteration with the authors; version 2.x means iteration after English language editing.]

October 15, 2015: Timetable, Contact details and Table of Contents have been uploaded on the site.

October 18, 2015: Book chapters 8 and 9 have been uploaded on this site!

October 30, 2015: The working title of the volume, taking into account the EC proposals, has been changed to "Economics without Borders - Economic Research for European Policy Challenges".

November 11, 2015: Book chapter 10, using the CUP LaTeX macro, has been uploaded on this site.

November 16, 2015: Book chapters 2, 8, and 9, using the CUP LaTeX macro, has been uploaded on this site.

November 19, 2015: Book chapters 3, and 6, using the CUP LaTeX macro, has been uploaded on this site.

November 20, 2015: Deadline for the submission of the first draft of all chapters.

Requests to the contributors:
i) Your contribution here is a book chapter, so please use the word "chapter" and not "paper" when you are making a reference to this or any other chapter of the book.
ii) Please send to the editor the pdf AND the LaTeX file as well as this is what the publisher is going to need!! (if you have difficulties producing a LaTeX file, please contact the coordinating editor ASAP!!)
iii) You can see on the timetable that there is a time window between the submission of the preliminary and final versions of the chapters that allows some time for CROSS REFERENCING between chapters (which is much needed).