January 13, 2015
Table of Contents

Foreword: Carlos Moedas

Preface: Gerard Roland

Introduction (Richard Blundell, Estelle Cantillon, Barbara Chizzolini, Marc Ivaldi, Wolfgang Leininger, Ramon Marimon, Laszlo Matyas, and Frode Steen)

Chapter 1: Innovation and Growth: The Schumpeterian Perspective (Philippe Aghion and Ufuk Akcigit)

Chapter 2: EU Dual Labour Markets: Consequences and Potential Reforms (Juan Dolado)

Chapter 3: Population, Migration, Aging, and Health (Christian Dustmann, Giovanni Facchini, and Cora Signorotto)

Chapter 4: Human Capital and Education: The State of the Art in the Economics of Education (Simon Burgess)

Chapter 5: Competition and Regulation in Markets for Goods and Services: A Survey with Emphasis on Digital Markets (Nikolaos Vettas)

Chapter 6: Trade, Globalization and Development (Miklos Koren and Cecilia Hornok)

Chapter 7: Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (Paul Ekins, Jim Watson, and Paul Drummond)

Chapter 8: Regional Disparities and Efficient Transport Policies (Stef Proost and Jacques Thisse)
              version: October 18

Chapter 9: Skilled Cities and Efficient Urban Transport (Stef Proost and Jacques Thisse)
              version: October 17

Chapter 10: Fiscal and Monetary Policy after the Crisis (Charles Brendon and Giancarlo Corsetti)

Chapter 11: Financial Institutions, Markets and Regulation (Elena Carletti, Thorsten Beck, and Itay Godstein)

Chapter 12: Inequality and Welfare: Is Europe special? (Alain Trannoy)

Chapter 13: Developments in Data for Economic Research

Chapter 14: Big Data in Economics: Evolution or Revolution?