October 30, 2015

• First draft of all (except the Introduction) chapters should be available by November 20, 2015

• Modifications, small changes to the chapters (eg cross references, etc.) feasible untill January 20! Final version of each contributing chapter is due by this time, but only if you are submitting a LaTeX file using the CUP macro. If you are not providing a LaTeX file, then the sumission deadline is December 15.

• First draft of the Introduction chapter should be available by January 10, 2016 ("Seed Chapter" by Marc: December 4, 1-2 pages summarizing the main elements/findings of each survey by members of the EC by January 4)

• First draf of the Preface and Foreword should be available by January 30, 2016

• Final version of the book ready to be sent to CUP: February 20, 2016